Present and Sober
Am I an Alcoholic?
June 7, 2022
"Am I an Alcoholic?"... "so you were an alcoholic?"... how many of us have been on the receiving end of these questions? Whether they come from our own personal questioning, or others, creating our own authentic answers is an important part of the journey for many of us. Language is powerful and yet it's not always that effective in pointing to our truth. Join us for an honest, down-to-earth discussion of a range of ways of looking at this question. You might be surprised where we end up.
Present and Sober Podcast 
Episode 53
Am I an Alcoholic?

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Nothing on the Present & Sober podcast, including Ellie, Sam's, and our guest's opinions, is a substitute for medical advice. Don’t stop drinking suddenly if you’re physically dependent on alcohol. Seek help for any withdrawal symptoms from a medical professional.