Present and Sober
Ellie Goes on Retreat in Thailand!
May 14, 2024
This week we join Ellie on her transformative journey through a sober retreat in Thailand! Experience elephants, ethical sanctuaries, and heartwarming, alcohol-free adventures with Present & Sober. Let's dive into the joy of connection! 🐘✨
Present and Sober Podcast 
Episode 155
Ellie Goes on Retreat in Thailand! 

This week, Ellie and Sam explore a key truth in sobriety: it's not about the number of alcohol-free days we get, but the intention behind them. We answer Bev's question from our membership group, discussing why behaviour isn't the best metric for success and how focusing on our inner desires leads to true freedom. Join us as we explore the deeper journey to rediscover joy and peace in sobriety. 

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Nothing on the Present & Sober podcast, including Ellie, Sam's and our guest's opinions, is a substitute for medical advice. Don’t stop drinking suddenly if you’re physically dependent on alcohol. Seek help for any withdrawal symptoms from a medical professional.