Present and Sober
Overcoming Childhood Trauma with Justin Long
July 2, 2024
Join Sam and Ellie as they explore Justin Long's journey through trauma, addiction, and transformation. Discover the power of forgiveness, therapy, and self-love in this inspiring, heartfelt episode ❤️ - grab those tissues!
Present and Sober Podcast 
Episode 161
Overcoming Childhood Trauma with Justin Long

Join Sam and Ellie as they explore Justin Long's journey through trauma, addiction, and transformation. Discover the power of forgiveness, therapy, and self-love in this inspiring, heartfelt episode ❤️ - grab those tissues!

Check out the info for the men's retreat (more info at bottom of shownotes).


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Nothing on the Present & Sober podcast, including Ellie, Sam's and our guest's opinions, is a substitute for medical advice. Don’t stop drinking suddenly if you’re physically dependent on alcohol. Seek help for any withdrawal symptoms from a medical professional.

More retreat info...

In February of next year, I'm going to be a guest speaker / special guest at a week-long men's retreat in Thailand with my good friend Kim Raysmith (who is running the retreat ). 

The title of which is...
Wisdom Doesn't Follow Rules!
Why on earth would you (or a chap you know) go on a retreat with me?
I'll tell you...
And of course - the retreat is gonna have a bunch of cool shit going on. From Muay Thai kickboxing lessons, to ice baths, breath work sessions and boat trips - but that isn't what makes this retreat stand out!
This is...
As a guy, I know it can be hard to find a group of friends who see the world like you do, especially if...
- You're questioning your relationship with drugs and alcohol or have stopped completely and feel lost socially.
- You're looking for discussion about more meaningful things in life, from handling emotions in a positive way, to being honest about the things you want to achieve in the next 10 years.
- You have a bunch of pent-up anger, frustration and or anxiety that keeps rearing its head as reactivity or defensiveness in your relationships.
- You're more sensitive than you let on, and you have some shit inside you want to talk about but you don't have a safe and judgment-free space.
- You're interested in self-help and/or 'spiritual' stuff, from meditation to mindfulness and coaching, but you have no idea where to start or you don't have much time to explore these things (or you're exploring it and you want to go deeper but don't know how).
- You want to model something different to your kids and or family members - different than what was modelled to you.
- You want a reset but life is moving too damn fast and you're freakin' busy.
- Your health is lower down the pecking order than you'd like it to be.
- Your inner wisdom is nudging (or shouting at you) to change your life and you KNOW it's time to listen, but you're not sure about the next steps.
And I get it, there people who don't relate to much on the list above. In which case, no stress, this retreat likely isn't for you if...
- The above statements have little to no resonance for you.
- You're happy where you are, just as you are.
- You would prefer just a holiday, you're not into learning more about yourself right now
We're creating a safe container for you to be who you really are, say what is truly on your mind and experience everything we have on offer. What's more, it'll be on the tropical island of Phuket. There will be sun, sand, the beach, and a group of like minded men hanging out for a week doing amazing stuff inside and out. 
 By the end of our week together, a bunch of stuff is going to be/feel possible for you...
- You will have proven to yourself you can have a blast without any substances other than coffee, good food, and feel-good brain chemicals (this is priceless)!
- You'll have a group of lifelong pals who know you on a deeper level.
- You'll have a better understanding of how your psychology works and what you have going for you 
- You'll be more deeply connected to YOUR wisdom and be willing to break your own 'mental rules', if you can sense it's the right thing for you and your loved ones.
- You will be able to identify what thinking in your head really is  yours and what is your mental conditioning so you don't have to repeat old patterns over and over again.
- You will have a deeper sense of what 'spirituality' actually means and be able to use this to inform your day-to-day professional life in a practical non-'woo woo' way.
- You will get to know the difference between toxic goals and authentic desires and be excited to navigate your life in a different way.
- You will have set your priorities and feel like there is a way forward.
So if your wisdom is giving you a YES to this! Or if you (or anyone you know) are tempted to find out more...
trust that!!
Hit the link in the comment and check out flyer with all the extra details! And pop any questions have in the comments - or send me a DM
If you're interested and wanna have a pressure free private chat, just ping me a message and we can set one up.